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Low-cost sewing machine, designed for sewing, quilting, decorating clothing, crafts and home fashion.

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Free arm capability

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Quick-set bobbin

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1 step buttonhole

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Automatic needle threader

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Pattern selection dial

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Built-in triple stitch

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Poor bobbin mechanism

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Jamming threads issue

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The Brother XL-2600i is a low-cost sewing machine. Brother promotes the XL-2600i as being built with maximum performance to expand your sewing skills, designed for sewing, quilting, decorating clothing, crafts and home fashion. The upper thread tension system of this machine helps you to get consistent stitches on a variety of fabrics. The XL-2600i's Free Arm design allows you to get to the outer reaches of garments. The Quick-Set quick winding bobbin system of this sewing machine means that you can spend less time on prep.

This sewing machine differs from the lower cost XL-2230 model in that it has more built-in stitches (25 built-in stitches as opposed to the XL-2230's 11 built-in stitches), a 1-step buttonholer (for faster buttonholes than the XL-2230's 4-step buttonholer), as well as an automatic needle threader (which helps to save time). This model differs from the identically priced XL-2610 model in that the XL-2610 has the 4-step buttonholer, but in exchange has more decorative stitch functions than the XL-2600i (with 59 stitch functions in total). The XL-2600i lacks the higher cost XL-3510 model's 35 built-in stitches (with 72 functions). The Brother XL-2600i sewing machine comes with a twenty-five year limited warranty.

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  • XL2600i Easy-to-use sewing machine with 25 built-in stitches. Ideal for everyday sewing
  • Easy stitch selector
  • Jam-resistant top drop-in bobbin
  • Easy threading system, with automatic needle threader
  • One-step, auto-sized buttonholes
  • Built-in free arm for sewing cuffs and sleeves
  • Super easy bobbin winding
  • 800 stitches per minute maximum speed
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can it sew blue jeans?

    Yes, it can sew really heavy canvas material without an issue.

  • Is the Brother LS2125i anyway better than this model XL2600i?

    The biggest difference is the 4-step buttonholer on this machine and the 10 stitches versus the one-step buttonholer and 25 stitches on the 2600. The stitch length, width and thread tension are also preset for you on the lower end model. It's worth the $16 for the high end model because 4-step buttonholer is a pain and requires a lot of patience. Also, if there is no stitch or thread tension adjustments you can make yourself, you are stuck trying to work around problem materials on the machine without any way of adjusting the machine.

  • Will this be a basic machine for hemming, fixing small things, etc.

    This machine works great for projects like that. It has a hemming stitch, and other stitches.

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