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It comes with top-of-the-line features, typically found in more expensive machines, which help make embroidery fun and easy.

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Good for beginners

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4x4 embroidery area

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With the exciting new PE-500 embroidery machine from Brother. For the first time ever, Brother has introduced a feature-rich, easy-to-use embroidery-only machine that retails for under $300. But don’t let the price tag concern you – the PE-500 comes with top-of-the-line features, typically found in more expensive machines, which help make embroidery fun and easy. Whether you are a sewer interested in trying your hand at embroidery for the first time, a crafter looking for a new challenge, or an advanced embroiderer looking for a unit to carry to a make and take, the PE-500 is probably perfect for you. Use it to recycle clothing by adding new, fashionable embellishments. Turn everyday pillows and blankets into customized gifts for friends and family.

With the PE-500, the options are virtually limitless. Though lightweight, the PE-500 is a work horse capable of embroidering everything from delicate materials, like silk, to sturdier fabrics, like denim. Never embroidered and not sure where to start? No worries. You can use the PE-500 to upcycle clothing, personalize accessories with monograms, embellish home décor, and more. Never before has it been so affordable to turn everyday clothing and home décor items into inspired works of art with the easy-to-use, easy-to-afford PE-500.

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  • Factory Remanufactured to be as Good As New!
  • Embellish your creations with embroidery! Easy to learn and use embroidery-only model from Brother, with 4x4 embroidery area
  • Easy-to-view back-lit touch screen LCD display accesses 70 built-in embroidery designs, with 5 lettering fonts
  • Computer connectivity for importing thousands of embroidery designs purchased from and other sites, and for updating your machine in the future
  • Comes with a full line of accessories, including a starter set of stabilizer and thread, hoop, needle set and more, so you are practically ready to embroider, right out of the box
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this MAC compatible?

    Yes. The cord that comes with it has a USB on one end that you can connect to a windows laptop or mac. When you plug it in that way, it allows you to put your PES files from the mac/windows drive to the machine.

  • Can you make you own designs and import them?

    I don't think so. You can download patterns from online sites, and store them to a flash drive or your machine. The machine can hold 12 designs at one time. I'm not aware of any software that will allow you to create your own designs.

  • Can you use this machine for regular sewing as well, or just for embroidery?

    It is just for embroidery.

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