It is designed for the designer in you can enjoy adding embellishment to clothing and accessories that truly match your style.

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The DZ820E is designed for the designer in you so you can enjoy adding embellishment to clothing and accessories that truly match your style. Now you can embellish everything from home décor to runway ready looks with one of 136 built-in embroidery designs or one of the 200 embroidery designs on the included CD which include delicate scrollwork, intricate floral designs, classic quilt patterns and so much more. The Designio™ DZ820E is all-in-one embroidery machine that will give you virtually everything you need to make your fashion statement!

The DZ820E comes with an Embroidery Starter Kit that includes 6 spools of high quality embroidery thread, a pack of fabric stabilizer, extra bobbins, high quality steel embroidery scissors, plus more! You will have virtually everything you need to start embroidering right away.

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  • The DZ820E includes two extra embroidery hoops (4x4 inch and 2.5x1 inch), a starter kit and 200 additional embroidery designs on a CD. 
  • Customize in style with 136 built-in embroidery designs for the designer in you. Including 6 lettering fonts and 120 frame pattern combinations to take your looks to the next level in fashion design.
  • View built-in tutorials and design editing features right on the easy-to-use back-lit LCD touch screen LCD display.
  • Easily import designs from your USB memory stick via the built-in USB port.
  • The exclusive Brother Quick-set™ top-load, drop-in bobbin helps ensure your bobbin stays in place, and helps provide the level of reliable, even stitch quality you need for fine sewing.
  • Built-in memory pockets allow you to store designs to your machine’s memory for later use!
  • Comes complete with a full set of designer accessories and is compatible! Download over 5,000 unique designs, available for individual purchase.
  • Helps save time with the reliable, automatic easy needle threading system and automatic thread trimming.
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What's In the Box

DZ820E embroidery only machine, Dust cover, Embroidery Starter Kit, Embroidery hoops (5" x 7", 4" x 4" and 2.5" x 1"), CD with 200 exclusive embroidery designs, Embroidery bobbin thread, Scissors, Spool net, Spool cap (3) , Large screwdriver, Small screwdriver, Seam ripper, Cleaning brush, Needle set (3), Bobbins (3 plus 1 on machine), Embroidery foot Q, Power cord, English/Spanish operation manual, 25 year limited warranty

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the Brother Designio DZ820E Embroidery machine Apple computer friendly?

    Yes. The files that you put on your thumb drive are just PES files, doesn't matter what kind of operating system you are using to load them on. What you will want do do, if you are planing to purchase editing software, is find one that is truly MAC compatible.

  • Does this machine have a card slot?

    Yes, it has a card slot and a USB.

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