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The Brother MFC-685CW is an inkjet-based all-in-one machine with copy, scan, print, and fax capabilities.

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Paperport software peripheral is easy to install and operate - make remote operation very simple

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Built-in handset and answering machine are an excellent feature for users who fax frequently - works within existing phone network without occupying line

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PictBridge support offers wireless image printing - dedicated port for USB flash and external hard drives

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Scanner performs surprisingly well - text and imagery is reproduced in a clear and consistent fashion

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Compact design is great for home and small office environments - can be easily stacked atop file folders and utility desks

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Paper refilling is highly counterintuitive - requires full detachment of cassette

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Prints speeds are relatively slow - outperformed by competitors from Canon and Lexmark, even with lower-priced models

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Print quality is inconsistent - text and imagery will fade intermittently, even when ink levels are full

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The Brother MFC-685CW is an inkjet-based all-in-one machine with copy, scan, print, and fax capabilities.  It features wireless networking based on the 802.11b/g standard, as well as direct connection via USB 2.0.  Print speeds are quick, ranging up to 30 pages per minute, with a maximum colour resolution of 6000x1200 dpi.  Support for direct photo printing is included, using PictBridge-compatible USB devices and flash-memory card slots.  The MFC-685CW also features a 3.3" LCD viewscreen for quick viewing and editing of direct-print photos, as well as a built-in 4x6" photo paper tray.  The fax feature uses a 14.4 Kbps modem, and includes a 10-page automatic document feeder, as well as a handset and answering-machine combination.  Printing utilizes a 4-cartridge system, with one black cartridge and individual colour cartridges.  

  • Print Speeds:  30ppm black, 25ppm colour
  • Maximum Colour Resolution:  6000x1200 dpi
  • Wireless Networking (802.11b/g)
  • Connectivity:  USB 2.0, PictBridge USB, Flash Memory Card Slots
  • 10-page Automatic Document Feeder
  • 14.4 Kbps faxmodem
  • Built-in handset and answering machine
  • 3.3" LCD Viewscreen
  • Built-in 4x6" photo paper tray
  • Replacement Cartridges:  LC51BK Black (500pgs), LC51C Cyan (200pgs), LC51M Magenta (200pgs), LC51Y Yellow (200pgs)
  • Warranty:  One Year Limited Exchange
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