Croquet isn't only for the British.

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Croquet isn't only for the British. Enjoy fun with your family and friends with a "cut-throat" game of backyard croquet. This set includes six mallets, six balls, nine steel wickets, two end posts, faux-suede carry bag and a wheeled game caddy. Tea anyone?

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07/21/2008 03:58

I purchased a croquet set about three years ago and within a few months had to take 3 broken balls in to be replaced at the store. Played again this past weekend and two balls cracked. What's with these inferior croquet balls. How about sending me a package of new balls so we can continue to play with this set.

Upset customer...Judy Kopp

Bob Carr
12/25/2006 07:07

I have receved as a gift one of your Croquet sets! We used it chrismas day,(2006) when we set it up the start/finish stake broke. I glue it together and befor the game ended we broke two mallet handels.Note thay all broke at the groves,down at the mallet head and spleter. Also the crome ring on the mallet head all the screws fell out. Thanks for the poorley built Croquet Set? A upset costomer Bob Carr.(714) 871-3315 CA.

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