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A passive infrared motion activated camera, capturing high speed HD photos with time lapse video conversion

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The Brinno MAC100 HomeWatchCam uses passive infra-red motion activation to capture high speed HD photos of anything or anyone triggering it. The HomeWatchCam converts these photos into time lapse videos that can be watched on a computer. The HomeWatchCam is portable so it can be used for home and property security, capturing wildlife. It comes with 4 AA batteries and a 2GB SD card.

Requires a computer running Microsoft Windows 98/XP/Vista/Win 7. Macintosh is not supported. The HomeWatchCam is portable and weather resistant.

The swivel mounting plate can be used with the included suction cups, or mounted directly to a fence, wall, tree or post using screws. The batteries will last for months as it waits to be activated.

The motion activation system is designed to react to any motion from birds to vehicles. Power control technology enables 4 AA batteries to capture up to 10,000 frames/photos.


Video resolution: 1280 x 720 (HD)

Format: AVI

Field of view: 61 degrees

Motion sensor: detect angle 98 degrees

Detect distance: 13 feet (4 meters)

Capture time: once activated, it captures photos for 30 seconds

Time interval: captures 30 frames in 30 seconds

Memory storage: up to 16GB SDHC card (2GB card included)

Power Source 4 AA batteries (included)

OS Requirements Windows 98/XP/Vista/Win 7 (not Macintosh compatible)

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  • Passive Infrared Red motion detection system can capture movement in the detecting area.
  • HomeWatchCam comes with power control technology, 4 AA batteries can capture 50,000 frames.
  • HomeWatchCam build-in Time Lapse technology, converting thousands photos into video
  • HomeWatchCam uses 4 AA batteries, no power cord is needed
  • Easy to install: install the batteries and power on
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Motion Activated

Brinno HomeWatchCam (MAC100) using Motion Activated technology to capture any movement in the detecting area, and convert the thousands photos into a short Time Lapse video. The HomeWatchCam can be used for home security, or put on the backyard to capture animals.

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The Brinno HomeWatchCam is using 4 AA batteries as power source, stores videos on SD card installed inside. No power cord is required.

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Home Security

Brinno's HomeWatchCam can be used for home security, it's motion activated technology will capture uninvited guest in the targeted area.

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Insert the batteries and SD card, set the time and date stamp on your computer using the included software (optional) and turn the power on.

  • Brinno MAC 100

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