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The Firestone Affinity Touring is a low-cost tire with attractive styling.

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very little road noise on the highway or in the city

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very stable, even at high speeds, no wobble or shaking

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strong support when cornering, stays relatively stiff

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long-wearing, can take it past its life expectancy and still have a decent amount of tread left

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tires spin on wet surfaces when accelerating from stop

6 agree

can hydroplane on puddles if hit at high speeds

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driving in the snow is tricky, not much traction

3 agree

Three month old Honda CNG with these as original equipment. Three tread punctures already. Three tires replaced. Not happy.

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I had to replace all my tires due to extensive wear at 23,000 miles

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The Firestone Affinity Touring is a low-cost tire with attractive styling. A solid center rib works with an optimized shoulder element for a quiet ride, and a serrated band on the reverse side is included for visual detail. Diagonal and lateral siping is used to improve traction through snow and wet conditions, and silica is used in the tread compound to keep it flexible for better grip. The polyester cord used throughout the body helps with weight distribution across the tread, improving traction and reducing premature wear. Internally two steel radial belts help prevent punctures and tears.

  • Diagonal and lateral siping
  • Wide flow-through groves
  • Solid center rib
  • Silica
  • Attractive serrated band on reverse side
  • Polyester cord body
  • Two high strength steel belts
  • Size: 23.5 - 29.1 in diameter
  • Speed Rating: H, S, T
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