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The Turanza EL400 is an all-season tire from Bridgestone.

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tread wears out evenly across the tire, can afford to forget to rotate them

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handle snow and icy hills well with predictable handling

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quiet on smooth pavement at city and freeway speeds

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good traction in wet conditions

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good handling around corners

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tread wear is relatively quick, don't last long

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very loud on gravel roads, resonate with the bumps

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tend to spin if trying to accelerate to quickly when starting

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2 new tires w/one day of wear gone flat due to faulty product

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The Turanza EL400 is an all-season tire from Bridgestone that offers an a step-down from the other models in the company's Turanza line, including the Serenity model. Intended for use with coupes, sedans, and small vans, this model qualifies for Original Equipment and can therefore be chosen as a stock tire with certain new vehicles. Featuring Bridgestone's own Uni-T technology, the EL400 utilizes a number of different methods to maximize traction, especially in wet conditions. Designed via a Computer Optimized Component System, the tire comprises a rubber compound fitted with Long Link Carbon to prevent unnecessary wear and tear. The compound also contains silica, which promotes further traction in all environments but functions especially well on wet and icy roads. The O-Bead design interacts with the rim of the vehicle's wheel to ensure a consistently even fit and uniform ride, and twin internal belts continue the process from inside the tire. Platinum Pact limited warranty is included.

  • Optimized for dry, wet and light snow all-season conditions
  • Suitable for coupes, sedans and other small cars and vans
  • Uni-T technology
  • Computer Optimized Component System
  • O-Bead technology
  • Long Link carbon technology
  • Symmetrical tread design
  • Circumferential groove pattern
Post Review
04/20/2012 12:35

I bought a new KIA Sedona equipped witht these tires. I have noticed with only 3500 miles that the center tread bar is completely smooth and the two bars on either side are almost bare. Are they suppossed to wear down this fast?



12/16/2012 09:10

Yes, they are supposed to be that way. That is, were you to over-pressure the tires.Perhaps you should learn and set the correct pressures for your next set of tires.

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