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Bridgestone's Potenza RE960AS Pole Position tire is intended for use with sports cars or sedans.

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takes corners smoothly, keeps you in complete control the whole time

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wet pavement is no problem at all, sticks to the road very well

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excellent grip on dry pavement, hard to get them to slide at all

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keeps vibrations from the road to an absolute minimum

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very little road noise, generally can't hear them

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handling at speed is responsive and precise

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tread wear isn't great, comes in slightly under what the manufacturer predicts

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no good in the snow, tend to slide around a lot

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loose a lot of traction on gravel roads, need to take it nice and slow

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 Bridgestone's Potenza RE960AS Pole Position tire is intended for use with sports cars or sedans and it balances performance with all-weather versatility. Its tread contact patch has a leading edge that improves traction in snowy condition, and the overall 3-dimensional shape of the tread provides responsive handling. The tread itself has two layers of rubber, and high-grip rubber is exposed as the tire wears to improve wet performance. The groove walls are engineered to reduce water flow resistance and ultimately help evacuate it more effectively. This tire is suitable for year-round use.

  • Silica additive improves wet/dry adaptability
  • 3D tread shape improves handling
  • Sipes and grooves allow easy water flow
  • Dual-layer rubber treads retain grip through wear
  • Sporty aesthetic
  • Appropriate for all season use
  • Intended for sports cars and sedans
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