The HP550 is an all-season tire from Bridgestone that is exclusive to the Sears company.

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The HP550 is an all-season tire from Bridgestone that is exclusive to the Sears company, available only through catalog or internet purchase. Combining many of the Bridgestone's most popular features, this model is intended for use with coupes, sedans and other small cars. Uni-T technology helps to maximize tread performance in wet conditions, and is further assisted by a Silica tread additive. An extra-wide treat footprint is included for a smoother and more enjoyable ride experience, and is coupled with Veri-pitch design technology to reduce noise levels while driving. The HP550 also features an advanced directional tread pattern that can quickly channel and redirect excess water in wet road conditions and maintain the uniformity of the tire. Dunlop's Platinum Pact Limited Warranty is included with purchase. 

  • Optimized for dry, wet and light snow conditions
  • Suitable for coupes, sedans and other small cars
  • Uni-T technology
  • Wide tread footprint
  • Directional tread pattern
  • Veri-pitch noise reduction technology
  • Silica tread additive¬†
  • Exclusive to Sears
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07/31/2012 09:41

Worst tire I have ever had. 27K miles and getting them replaced because the road noise due to cupping is terrible and unbearable. Problem started with only about 15K miles on them. Sears Auto Center worker also stated they are an awful tire. I only had to state the problem with cupping and the noise and that they were Bridgestone and he said "HP550's" without any more from me. Don't get lured into the cheap price like I did. You get what you pay for.



04/18/2013 12:03

Ditto. I just replaced HP550s on a Prius that I bought used. Probably about 20-25K on the tires, but I do not know for sure. Same reaction at Sears. Really bad tire for a touring car, according to Sears tech.

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