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Bridgestone's Blizzak WS-60 tire is a winter tire intended for use with passenger cars and crossover vehicles.

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perform well on wet pavement, strong resistance to hydroplaning

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grip is great in the snow, keeps you in control

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very little noise even on the highway

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Best tire on snow i ever had

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quick, tight turns feel a little wobbly

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handling is a little soft, especially in the heat

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tread life is pretty short, won't last more than a couple of seasons

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I dont care what you people say this tire is very good in snow only but it hydroplanes bad in pooring rain 40-50mph in a 4000lbs car

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not great on ice, need to take it easy

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 Bridgestone's Blizzak WS-60 tire is a winter tire intended for use with passenger cars and crossover vehicles (note that many of the other Blizzak models are intended for trucks/SUVs). It comes in a wide range of sizes. Main features include a special rubber polymer that grips more effectively to ice and snow than Bridgestone's standard tires. It has zig-zag blocks and sipes, which help traction because of a larger number of biting edges, a central wide groove that gets rid of water, and continuous solid riblets that imporve ice traction. This tire also uses Bridgestone's cellular rubber structure that helps to cut through thin layers of water covering ice, ensuring a better grip on the solid part and reducing slipping.

  • For passenger cars
  • Zig-zag tread increases biting edges
  • Wide, straight circumferential groove expels water
  • Riblets grip ice
  • Porous structure cuts through thin water layers
  • Special rubber compound grips ice and snow
  • For winter use
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