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Bridgestone's Blzzak LM-60 is a mid-range snow tire designed for winter use on light trucks and SUVs.

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braking times are excellent, lets you react to surprises along the way

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capable of really sharp acceleration without burn-out, get you moving right away

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can take sharp corners fast and stay in control the whole time

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lane changes are smooth and easy, excellent response to your movements

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handle great on snowy roads, can drive with confidence

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stick to the road even in heavy rain

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still need to watch hitting puddles too fast, capable of a little hydroplaning in the wrong circumstances

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tread wears down fairly quickly, will need replacing sooner than you might expect

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 Bridgestone's Blzzak LM-60 is a mid-range snow tire designed for winter use on light trucks and SUVs. It had deep circumferential grooves to evacuate water, and its footprint area resists hydroplaning. Its sipes have a zig-zag pattern, which improve snow and ice traction by giving a larger surface area and greater number of edges. The grooves and sipes are adaptable and perform well under dry conditions as well. The lugging is continuous to provide constant snow and water removal. Also, the horizontal grooves extend the the shoulder from the central groove, providing unimpeded evacuation channels. Dry performance (as well as snowy, wet and icy) is one of this tire's main features.

  • Continuous directional lugging
  • Zig-zag sipes provide high number of edges
  • Circumferential grooves evacuate water
  • Long lateral grooves
  • Good dry performance
  • For SUVs and light trucks
  • Intended for winter use
  • Shoulder blocks have biting edges
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