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Its wide feed chute makes it possible to slice vegetables of all shapes and sizes.

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5.5" feed chute

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LCD display

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BPA-free bowls

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The Breville Sous Chef has a 5.5” Super Wide Feed Chute that reduces the need to pre-cut most fruits & veggies, saving you time.

The Breville Sous Chef comes with a set of 8 discs and blades for numerous prep options, all housed in a convenient accessory storage. The discs include a variable slicing disc that can be set to 24 different slicing settings so you can customize the thickness of your slices from a paper thin 0.3mm all the way up to a thick 8.0mm. Other discs in the set include a julienne disc, a French fry cutting disc, a whisking disc, and a reversible shredding disc, while the blades include a micro-serrated universal S blade, a dough blade for kneading and combining ingredients, and a mini blade for use with mini-bowl.

The Breville Sous Chef includes two bowls, a large 16 cup processing bowl and a 2.5 cup mini processing bowl, for convenient processing no matter what size portions you’re chopping. The 16-cup option allows you to blend up large servings of soup or dough, while the mini processing bowl is perfect for processing small amounts of sauces or nuts.

Combining slicing options and two size choices with the convenience of the wide mouth chute, it is no wonder that the Breville Sous Chef was rated the best food processor in 2012 by a leading American reviewer of products.

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Color Options

  • Stainless Steel
  • Black Sesame
  • Cranberry Red
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Product Features

  • Small Food Pusher: for improved processing control of smaller ingredients. It also doubles as a measuring cup for adding/measuring ingredients. The food processor will run continually whether the small pusher is in or out
  • Large Food Pusher for pushing food down the feed chute. The food processor will not start unless the large pusher is in place correctly.
  • Feed Chute Safety System: prevents the motor from operating unless the bowl, lid and large food pusher are correctly locked in position.
  • Super Wide Feed Chute so large ingredients don’t have to be chopped before being fed into the food processor
  • Silicone Seal: reduces the chance of leakage while processing large volumes of liquid ingredients.
  • Processing Bowl: 16 cup bowl for dry ingredients and 12 cups for liquid (wet ingredients). The processing bowl locks onto the motor base.
  • LCD Display with Count-Up & Count-Down Timer: used to set desired time required for processing. Can count up or down, stopping the processor once the time is reached in count down mode.
  • Solid Die-Cast Metal Base
  • Direct Drive Motor: with safety braking system.
  • Non-Skid Rubber Feet: for added safety and stability.
  • All parts that come in contact with food are BPA free.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Since it has only 1 speed, you have no control over the size of chopped particles?

    The shredder disk has two different sizes. The larger shredder size is like that of a box shredder. The standard slicing disk thickness is awesomely adjustable. Of the two "string" disks, one is a pretty small julienne and the other puts out french fries, for example, that are about the size of McDonald's, with slivers. For bigger fries, you'd have to use something else unless Breville had a special blade for that. If you are chopping using a blade, you might only need to do literally one pulse.

  • How does it work for medium quantities - like 4-5 cups?

    This machine will work for any amount of product you put in it. You can put what you need in the bowl and pulse or just hit power and start and let it go. If you need a smaller amount just use the smaller bowl.

  • Can use it to make almond (or any nut) butter?

    Yes, works great.

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