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The Barista Express BES860XL is Breville’s flagship espresso machine.

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overall design of the unit looks good from all angles, can sit on an island and look good from every angle

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tamper is magnetically held in place - easily removed for manual tamping

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burr grinder has a wide range of control

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excess water can be removed for a dry puck

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steam temperature and pressure is perfect for frothing, very little excess water to start

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need some skill with espresso machines to operate it

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grinder is difficult to clean

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The Barista Express BES860XL is Breville’s flagship espresso machine. This product prominently features a built-in conical burr grinder, a magnetic tamper, a dry puck feature and pre-programmed espresso modes. These features, along with the integrated pressure gauge make this espresso machine superior to lower-end models.

The 15-bar BES860XL allows for programmed or manual operating modes. The programmable modes will automatically release the right amount of hot water into the ground espresso, while manual mode allows users complete control over the machine. Unlike most lower-end espresso machines, this model will grind beans right into the included filters for ready-made espresso in under a minute. The dry puck system will extract extra moisture after using the machine, allowing for quicker cleanup. A magnetic tamping tool, measuring spoon, steel filters, cleaning tool and frothing pitcher are included in the box.

  • Programmable or manual settings
  • Integrated conical burr grinder
  • Preset or adjustable grind amount
  • Espresso Pressure Gauge
  • Triple-Prime and Auto-Purge feature
  • Pressurized Dual Wall Filters and Single Wall Filters included
  • Removable 67 oz (2 L) water tank with water filtration system
  • 360? swivel steam wand with froth enhancer
  • Dry puck feature
  • 15-bar Italian-made pump
  • Accessories: Tamping tool, Measuring spoon, Cleaning tool, Frothing pitcher
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