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The Breville Die-Cast Programmable BES830XL is a high-end espresso machine.

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automatic mode for less experienced users - manual mode for more precise control

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detailed instructions allow for a quick initial setup

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dual wands - dedicated hot water and steam wands

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Breville Customer Servive is almost non-existent

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pressure gauge accuracy and breakdown issues

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time consuming clean up process

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construction is only partially die-cast - machine contains plastic components

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water tank can become displaced due to vibration

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expensive to have the machine serviced by Breville

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The Breville Die-Cast Programmable BES830XL is a high-end espresso machine. This product prominently features pre-programmed espresso settings for novice users. A built-in pressure gauge, 2.2 liter tank and individual hot water/steam wands make this espresso machine unique compared to lower-end models.

The 15-bar BES830XL features what Breville calls Custom Set Programming: two different modes allowing either automatic or customized operation. Auto mode will release the right amount of hot water into the ground coffee, while custom mode allows the user complete control over the machine. Unlike most entry-level espresso machines, this model features individual hot water and steam wands for greater efficiency. The front facing pressure gauge assists users by helping them find the best pressure for advanced extraction purposes. A tamping tool, measuring spoon, steel filters, cleaning tool and frothing pitcher are included in the box.

  • Custom Set Programming
  • Auto Shot, Custom Shot or Manual Shot modes
  • Espresso Pressure Gauge
  • Triple-Prime and Auto-Purge feature
  • Pressurized Dual Wall Filters and Single Wall Filters included
  • Swivel steam wand with froth enhancer
  • Hot water wand
  • 15-bar Italian-made pump
  • Temperature: 198 degrees
  • Accessories: Tamping tool, Measuring spoon, Cleaning tool, Frothing pitcher
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