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It is very simple to use with just one switch and three position master control.

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Better than most machines in this price range which tend to be plastic, and hence have a shorter life.

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Good beginner machine. Not too expensive. Easy-to-use. Good brew.

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The Breville Café Roma ESP8XL is a an espresso/cappuccino machine with stainless steel housing, 15 bar Italian Thermoblock pump and an "Advanced crema system". It is very simple to use with just one switch and three position master control. It heats quickly and is ready to use in a couple of minutes.

The top of the machine acts as a cup warming plate.  The newly re-designed  "Froth enhancer" does what it says - provides dry steam from start up (no need to drain water from the pipe before you start frothing) and will easily produce twice the volume of foam from 2% milk, so do not fill the jug more than 1/3 full to start.

The removable 1.2 liter water tank sits neatly at the back: it is easy to refill from a filter jug (the use of filtered water will delay the need to descale later).

Bonus stainless steel espresso cup set and frothing jug. It also comes with a measuring spoon/tamper/wrench. It has two filter sizes (one and two cup) as well as a pod holder. Also included is a small tool with two sharp points  to deal with plugs in flietrs and the frother. The wrench is needed to remove the frother for weekly cleaning.

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07/24/2012 02:59

Terminal connector tends to come off of the heater block which causes a failure like that seen by U-KIDDING-ME. This is easily fixed if you have some electronics skills.

10/06/2009 10:28

My Brevile cafe roma lasted just one month. The water boiler/heater just stopped working, absolutely no hot water!! I returned it for a full refund.

12/11/2007 09:27

Machine works fine without the froth enhancer. It is pretty important to clean mineral deposits out regularly or machine loses pressure. Plastic part that holds filter cracked and took very long to replace (over 10 weeks). Found company that makes replacement part .

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