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The ikon Hemisphere BBL550XL is a mid-range blender from Breville, initially released in mid-2010.

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Blends liquids/smoothies particularly well, leaves fewer chunks than competing models in less time

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Lower noise output than typical blenders in this range

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Automatic pulse function detects when blade is blocked and stops blockage, works consistently

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Easy to disassemble all components and clean them - metal, plastic and glass parts retain shine and do not scuff

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Rubber seal around top of pitcher holds very well during all types of blending

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Gaskets beneath the blade assembly prone to damage, can lead to leakage over time

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Noticeably less power output than BBL600 model above it, some foods may require manual tilting to blend

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Difficult to remove the suction lid, often splatters

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The ikon Hemisphere BBL550XL is a mid-range blender from Breville, initially released in mid-2010. This ikon series product features five speed settings and a pulse function. The “Hemisphere” blade system is of a semicircular design, while the jar is made of glass. This model is a step below the more powerful BBL600XL, which has automated blend options and a built-in LCD timer.

The 600 watt BBL550XL utilizes a semicircular blade system to blend ingredients. The blades line the lower bowl to maximize efficiency and overall consistency. The heavy duty glass jar is resistant to cracking, chipping and fogginess. Measurement lines are of an enamel, dual tone construction for accurate measurement. The control pad has 6 buttons in total, including ones for starting/stopping, speed control and the auto pulse feature. Also, the stainless steel base is designed for stability and safety with its non-slip rubber feet.

  • 5 speeds
  • Pulse mode
  • Dedicated on/off buttons
  • 6 button control pad
  • Ice crush to snow setting
  • Hemisphere blade system
  • Stainless steel base
  • Glass jar
  • 600 watt motor
  • Weight: 10.7 lbs
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