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The Tassimo system developed by Kraft Foods and distributed under the Braun name is an innovative single-serve coffee.

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Single cup of coffee/drink available very quickly - much more so than using a dedicated brewer or espresso machine

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Wide range of Drinks - From 'regular' coffees, to teas, to 'specialty' coffees (lattes/cappucinos/etc)

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Wide range of brand-name drinks available for purchase

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Water tank holds enough for many drinks to be made before refilling

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Unless found on sale, both unit and coffees are quite expensive

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No way to hook up to a dedicated water tap right out of the box (Must refill water tank)

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Not as easy to find in stores as Senseo pods

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The Tassimo system developed by Kraft Foods and distributed under the Braun name is an innovative single-serve coffee, espresso, tea, and specialty beverage machine. Tassimo relies on single-server Tassimo discs (T-discs) that have a printed barcode which the machine reads to determine how to brew that particular beverage. Each cup takes approximately 30-60 seconds to brew and T-discs cost in the range of 25-40 cents per disc. There are a wide range of drinks available for the Tassimo including espressos, lattes, cappucinos, teas, hot chocolates made by manufacturers like Maxwell House, Yuba, Gevalia, and Carte Noire.

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12/29/2008 10:23

Received the Braun Tassimo as a gift and absolutely love it. Very easy to use and clean and I never had a barcode read incorrectly. When compared to what we used to spend at Starbucks, this is a huge savings. Highly recommended for people who love specialty drinks (chai tea latte, cappucino, espresso) the milk froths up beautifully. If you just want regular coffee, it may not be for you.

11/04/2008 09:46

That's great and all, but this page is for the Tassimo, thanks.

Caroline 45
03/17/2008 12:03

I have the Breville/Keurig machine and I absolutely love it!! As well as looking beautiful on the counter (all stainless steel) it brews a fresh perfect cup of coffee every time in under 30 seconds. It has lots of varieties of tea, coffee and hot chocolate and ordering them online is easy and convenient. I also love the "My K cup" " option that lets me use my own coffee. I would highly recommend the Keurig machine to anyone.

10/29/2007 12:09

I too have had this product for ~ a year now, and have zero problems. I have added to the pros/cons above for more information to anyone considering buying. Any questions feel free to comment

07/21/2007 02:53

I have this machine- Love it- use it daily! The disks are available at Superstore- Walmart and all sorts of stores- go to the Tassimo website. It has never read the barcode wrong for me in all the drinks I have made. No offense to you people who are posting - but try at least buying a product before tearing it apart. I have two friends who have bought it because they have tried mine and they love thiers too- with no difficulties! I highly recommend it for people who don't want to make a whole pot of tea/ coffee or like specialty coffees :) this is a great, cool fun well designed product. Amber from Canada
12/26/2006 04:13

where do you buy the t-discs??? the machine is readily available, but the discs are nowhere to be found!!! what's with that!!! i can't believe the tassimo machine doesn't come with some discs....

12/16/2006 05:10

I think I saw a commercial for this on the Food Network. I'm just curious about the barcode thing, what if the machine reads the wrong barcode and prepares the drink improperly? I guess that means you're only limited to buying the kind of drink mixes that the machine can take. How disappointing.

12/16/2006 04:47

Even the Tassimo ads fail at making the product look drinkable -- they look more like a diaper change in a cup.

12/15/2006 04:45

I don't know what it is exactly about these single-serve makers that make me so skeptical. To me, I love my coffee in the morning freshly ground and made using a $30 coffee machine. The barcode thing is pretty crazy, though.

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