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The Braun 790cc is a cordless, foil electric shaver that features a precision, contour-hugging shaver head.

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solid and well made

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self-cleaning / charging stand

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pivoting head conforms to your entire face

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good value

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very effective for an electric razor

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pop-out trimmer

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doesn't get hot after a few minutes of use

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great packaging

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requires replacement cleaning fluid cartridges - built in long-term cost

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can never get as close as a razor

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packaging is wasteful and adds to the cost of the shaver

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The Braun 790cc is a cordless, foil electric shaver that features a precision, contour-hugging shaver head designed to provide an effective shave by automatically adjusting to every facial contour for maximum closeness and comfort, even in hard-to-shave areas. An upgrade from the Braun 760cc, the Braun 790cc features an interactive LCD charging indicator. In all other ways, however, the shaver is exactly the same as its predecessor. The Braun 790cc is priced at $249.99, a $10 increase from its immediate predecessor, the Braun 760cc.

The Braun 790cc features revolutionary Pulsonic Technology that uses a sonic motor to power a high frequency, pulsating shaver head that works to deliver outstanding smoothness and skin comfort. Furthermore, the 790cc’s enhanced flexing head has twice the adaption angle, three times more sensitivity to face contours, and six times more flexing action on foils than all previous Braun shaver models. Like its predecessor, the Braun 790cc also includes a Clean&Renew system that automatically cleans, dries, and changes the shaver at the touch of a button, keeping it feeling like a new shaver everyday.

Also like its predecessor, the Braun 790cc relies on a unique Gillette Blade Technology to cuts hair close in a single stroke without pulling or tugging, not to mention a Power Comb Technology that lifts problem hairs that lie flat to the skin to avoid missed hairs in hard to shave areas. Furthermore, the Braun 790cc includes a unique foil pattern that utilizes a 3-state cutting system to capture hairs growing from different directions for a closer shave in fewer strokes. In addition, the Braun 790cc sports an environmentally friendly rechargeable battery with a 60 minute battery-recharge time, a 3 minute quick-charge, and a 50 minute cordless operation run time. The Braun 790cc also comes equipped with a long hair trimmer, an interactive LCD visual charging indicator, a cleaning brush, and a traveling case.

You can see a full detailed review of the Braun Series 7 in action here.

  • Quick-Charge: 3 Min
  • Battery-Recharge Time: 1 Hour
  • Cordless Operation: 50 Min
  • Environmentally Friendly Cells: 2 x Li-ion
  • Visual Indicators: Interactive LCD
  • Color: Silver/Gray
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Electric Shaver Guide
04/03/2012 11:06

I have reviewed and tested many shavers and I always notice how much better the Braun Series 7 is when I come back to it. It's the most comfortable shaver on the market.

12/01/2010 07:40

I've had my shaver for two weeks and I am very happy with it. It gives a close shave that is almost as good as a four-blade razor but not notice stubble earlier in the day even though it feels very close immediately after shaving. The cleaning unit seems to work well but the monthly cartridges certainly add cost but in the long run it's cheaper than the expensive blades that I had been using. I've had several other electric razors but was not nearly as satisfied as with the Braun Series 7.

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