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It makes use of digital signal processing to create a fake surround effect.

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great sound quality - impressive clarity and bass response for a sound bar

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includes remote control

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basic positioning adjustments for best effect

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solid build quality - better than the majority of sound bars

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subwoofer output for extra bass response

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clean and simple aesthetic for those interested in having a minimalist setup

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built in EQ

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the best you can get

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high price

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no HDMI inputs

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can't beat a receiver based true surround sound system - especially for the price

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dumbed down functionality for enhanced usability - poor for advanced users who would love to tweak their setup perfectly with a complicated receiver

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The B&W Panorama is the first soundbar developed by B&W and manages to handle a full 5.1 channels and 175 watts of Class D amplification. It makes use of digital signal processing to create a fake surround effect. Two optical digital inputs are not the only inputs available. Also included are two stereo analogue inputs and one coaxial digital input. There are two midrange drivers, two woofers, and an aluminum tweeter that makes use of B &W's Nautilus Tube housing. It has four additional drivers, for a total of nine, that are utilized in the surround L/R and front L/R channels. The B&W Panorama can stand next to a television or be mounted on the wall, and is made to fit 37" televisions.

  • 5.1 soundbar
  • 37" televisions
  • Six class D amplifiers
  • Combined power output: 175 watts
  • Two optical inputs
  • Two stereo analogue inputs
  • One Coaxial input
  • Aluminum dome tweeter
  • Aluminum casework
  • Digital Signal Processing
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