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In a matter of seconds, your high heels can turn into rugged work shoes!

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Protect your feet without changing your high heel shoes! Osborn's Pro-tek-to Shoe Caps are safety toe covers that slip easily over street shoes and strap firmly around the back of your heel.

Use for temporary employees or visitors to your plant when safety certifications such as CSA is not a factor. Can be worn with high heeled shoes to welcome important business clients who are wearing high heels! 

  • Specially designed for the smaller feet of women, and taking into account the possibility of a higher heel. 
  • Intended to withstand 30 pounds of impact resistance. The manufacturer randomly tests products to ensure they meet ANSI standard Z-41-1991 for 30 pounds of impact resistance. 
The OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.132(a), outlines the general requirements for protection of extremities. However, it is the employer's responsibility to determine the particular type of personal protective footwear needed.
It may be inappropriate to wear a clip-ons, such as the Pro-tek-to, under certain situations, such as in climbing, working at high levels, or near areas containing exposed live parts of electrical circuits or equipment. Thus, it is the responsibility of the employer, prior to the OSHA inspection, to evaluate with good judgement the foot injury hazards of the specific situations and activities, and decide whether foot protection is required and if so, what type is needed to be worn without introducing another, perhaps graver, accident hazard.
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