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The second bookshelf speaker in the JBL ES series, the ES30 is in fact an upgrade from the ES20.

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Bass end is very tight, not at all muddy.

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Titanium-laminate tweeter offers some of the best high-ends available in this price range.

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Wood grain and black finish options are a nice touch, make it easier to mesh in with a room's decor.

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Medium-Density Fiberboard construction is solid and durable.

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Quite large for shelf speakers (15 1/4" x 8 3/4" x 13")

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Metal tweeters and high frequency response make these speakers sound a tad too "bright" for some tastes.

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Their weight (19.6lbs) makes mounting these on stands quite difficult.

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The JBL ES30 is a 3-way bookshelf loudspeaker that sports a 6” proprietary PolyPlas shielded low-frequency subwoofer and one ¾” titanium-laminate tweeter mounted in Elliptical Oblate Spheriodal waveguides for improved high-frequency dispersion anywhere in the room. The second bookshelf speaker in the JBL ES series, the ES30 is in fact an upgrade from the ES20. It sports a larger subwoofer (6” versus 5” and offers a wider frequency response (50Hz-40kHz versus 65Hz-40kHz), an improved sensitivity (88dB versus 86dB), and a superior crossover frequency (3300Hz versus 3000Hz). The JBL ES30, however, maintains the ES20’s ultra-high frequency (up to 40kHz), not to mention its super-elegant cabinet design with a slender profile built from a wood-like and textured high-quality vinyl. The JBL ES30 also comes equipped with a bass-reflex port for extended bass responses, EOS waveguides that evenly disperse high frequencies to deliver a more accurate imaging, a straight-line signal path crossover network that preserves clarity and detail, and cellulose-fiber cones reinforced with a Polmer coating for a “uniform pistonic motion” and results in no internal resonance and a more precise base. Available in either black, bleech, or cherry, the JBL ES30 is priced at $299.99, a $100 increase from the inferior 5” JBL ES20.

  • Frequency Response: 50Hz – 40kHz (–6dB)   
  • Maximum Recommended Amplifier Power: 125 Watts
  • Power Handling (Continuous/Peak): 70 Watts/280 Watts
  • Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms
  • Sensitivity (2.83V/1m): 88dB
  • Crossover Frequencies: 3000Hz – 24dB/octave; 9000Hz – 18dB/octave
  • Low-Frequency Transducers: 6” (170mm) PolyPlas; shielded, EOS waveguide
  • High-Frequency Transducer: 3/4" (19mm) Titanium-laminate dome, shielded, EOS waveguide
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 15-1/4" x 8-3/4" x 13"
  • Weight: 19.6 lb (8.9kg)
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05/05/2011 11:23

This may be ridiculous to many but I have just purchased the JBLES30's to replace a set of JBL bookshelf speakers I have had for 20 plus years...I have an older system and my receiver only has one terminal for each-speaker A and Speaker B...the ES30's has dual terminal's for hook up on their back do I hook up to my I double up on receiver or can I use just one of the terminal's on back of each speaker???



05/06/2011 08:20

Sounds strange, what kind of connection is it on the receiver side? RCA ( Speakers are generally connected with the two wire method (see the positive and negative posts here: Using just one will not work.



05/06/2011 10:37

I am techno impaired...

I do not know what a rca plug means??? ... the terminal in back of the receiver/amp goes across red black black red (right and left) and that say for speakers A and B ...just below it across red black black red and says speaker (right and left) so you push up or open on the individual color and insert the speaker wire and push or close for what you are using on the receiver...I have right and left hooked up on the bottom row now....the speakers are singular so they are easy...right above the speaker terminal is a left to right switch that says impedance selector have no idea what that means or if connected to speaker terminal, but is is set surround sound...just like regular stereo from many years ago in speakers with one terminal on them to plug in right and that help you understand what I am trying to do???? thank you for helping me for can't afford to pay online technician...



05/06/2011 04:13

Ah! Sorry I mis-read what you originally wrote. See page 4 of this manual for exactly what you need to do.



05/06/2011 05:28

hate to keep bothering you , but when I tried to go to could not be found via my laptop....told me to check spelling, etc..
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05/06/2011 11:47

you have to make sure you copy the whole link manually, the links on our site here are broken by the % sign. followed by resources/Brands/jbl/Products/ProductRelatedDocuments/en-US/OwnersManual/JBL%20ES%20passive%20OM%20%28web%29.pdf

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