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The wireless HPS 8Wi is cited as being capable of “impressive deep bass and high output from a remarkably compact enclosure.

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Standalone wireless design--relatively rare in subwoofers.

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Simple to setup--no cables to deal with, syncs well.

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Great price point--can be easily found for about half the initial recommended price.

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Really solid construction--sturdy enough to handle a good amount of weight or pressure.

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Bass performance--surprising depth and resonance for the size and the fact that it's wireless.

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Kind of bulky and heavy (~45lbs!) for a subwoofer.

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Make loud snap and pop sounds whenever its turned on.

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The Boston Acoustics HPS 8Wi is a wireless, medium-end, and floor-standing speaker that features a transmitter and an 8” subwoofer powered by a 150w amplifier. Best suited for a 5.1 channel home theater or stereo music system, the wireless HPS 8Wi is cited as being capable of “impressive deep bass and high output from a remarkably compact enclosure.” In addition, its wireless capability reduces the need for excessive wires. All one must do is plug the woofer into a suitable location, and then plug the transmitter into the central hub of a theater system. The HPS 8Wi also includes a high-output front firing rear ported design, a Deep Channel Design for more bass for less power, BassTrac circuitry for tighter/reduced-distortion bass, adjusted polarity and gain control, a removable foot, and an ultra-rigid reinforced cabinet. The soft-touch finish Boston Acoustics HPS 8Wi is priced at $499.99 and includes an optional color-coded P.O.P. grille for only $49.99 extra.

  • Subwoofer Size: 12”
  • Nominal Power Output: 300 Watts
  • Frequency Response: 40Hz-180Hz
  • Crossover: 40Hz-180Hz 24dB/octave low-pass
  • Dimensions(H x W x D): 17-5/8 x 17-5/8 x 13-5/8"
  • Weight: 45-13/16 lbs (20.8kg)
  • Finish: Mist or Midnight
  • Custom P.O.P. Grille Colors: Glaciar, Chocolat, Rose Bud, Chilli Pepper, Onyx, Silver, Caramel, Pearl Gray
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