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The Boss BV8650 is an in-dash DVD/MP3/CD/AM/FM receiver with a 5.5" screen offered by Boss Audio Systems.

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output is strong enough to drive aftermarket speakers without an additional amplifier

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can get bright enough to compete with direct sunlight if you need it to

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really cool looking design, has a high-tech "Tron" kind of feel to it

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great ability to shape the audio to your personal preference, nice EQ options, Loudness control, bass/treble adjustment, etc

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video is rendered really well, clearly defined with deep black levels

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buttons along the side are responsive and easy to figure out

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can't feel for the buttons without looking, all mounted flush with the display

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The Boss BV8650 is an in-dash DVD/MP3/CD/AM/FM receiver with a 5.5" screen offered by Boss Audio Systems. The disc player is capable of playing CDs, DVDs and almost any other format you can throw at it, including MP3, MP4, WMA and writable discs. For added connectivity there is an USB and SD memory card slot, and has a front AUX input to easily enjoy music off any portable audio player using a standard headphone jack. There is also a built in PLL synthesizer tuner with 30 station presets and is switchable from US to Europe radio frequencies. It has a 5.5" TFT touchscreen widescreen monitor with a resolution of 1440 x 234 pixels and features on screen display. To control the output sound, bass and treble are seperated, it has preset EQ response curves and balance and fader controls. It has dual RCA outputs (front and rear) and gives 80 watts of power to each one of the 4 channel outputs. Other notable features include a rear view camera input, illuminated controls, a full detachable front panel, remote control and an AV input in the rear.

  • DIN mounting
  • Full detachable panel
  • WMA/MP3/DVD/CDR/CDRW & SDVD compatible
  • USB port
  • SD Memory card port
  • Front auxiliary input
  • Compatible with audio output of iPod or any other MP3 players
  • Built-in 5.5” Touchscreen widescreen TFT monitor
  • Resolution: 1440 x 234 pixels
  • Brightness: 600 NITS
  • NTSC/PAL compatible
  • On screen display
  • PLL synthesized AM/FM tuner
  • 30 Station presets
  • Switchable USA/Europe radio frequencies
  • RDS (Radio Data System)
  • Illuminated controls
  • Preset EQ response curves
  • Separate bass and treble
  • Balance and fader controls
  • Loudness
  • Mute function
  • Last position memory
  • Repeat/intro/random
  • 1-Bit D/A converter
  • ESP (anti-skip mechanism)
  • Dual (front and rear) RCA outputs
  • Wireless remote control
  • AV input (rear)
  • Rear view camera input
  • Output power: 80w x 4 channels
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