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The Boss Audio BV7200 is an in-dash AM/FM/DVD/MP3/CD car receiver with a 3.2” TFT wide-screen monitor.

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display is clear and bright in any light

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medium range is very clear and distinct

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installation is easy enough for intermediate electronics comfort levels

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browser makes it easy to search through folders and albums

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can read and play a wide variety of file formats

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output is very powerful to all four channels, doesn't usually need an extra amp

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emits a lot of heat, the heatsink itself gets very hot

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radio reception is poor if the signal isn't very strong

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The Boss Audio BV7200 is an in-dash AM/FM/DVD/MP3/CD car receiver with a 3.2” TFT wide-screen monitor. The first receiver in the BV7000 series, the BV7200 is considered an impressive product considering the many purported upgrades that came after it. In fact, unlike many receivers in the BV7000 series, it not only includes a USB port, but it in fact also has an SD/MMC card port, MP3/iPod compatibility, and dual(front and rear) RCA outputs. Priced $60 under its immediate successor, the BV7250T, the Audio BV7200 offers the exact same functionalities minus a built-in TV tuner. Furthermore, the Boss Audio BV7200 features 1152x234 resolution, a PLL synthesized AM/FM tuner, and DVD/MP4/MP3/SVCD/VCD/CDR/CDRW & SDVD compatibility.

  • DIN mounting
  • Full detachable front panel
  • DVD/MP4/MP3/SVCD/VCD/CDR/CDRW & SDVD compatible
  • USB port
  • SD/MMC Card Port
  • Front audio/video input
  • Compatible with audio output of iPod or any other MP3 players
  • Audio/Video Output
  • Built-in 3.2” widescreen TFT monitor
  • Resolution: 1152 x 234 pixels
  • Brightness: 400 NITS
  • NTSC/PAL compatible
  • On screen display
  • PLL synthesized AM/FM tuner
  • 24 Station presets
  • Illuminated controls
  • Preset EQ response curves
  • Separate bass and treble
  • Balance and fader controls
  • Loudness
  • Stereo/mono switch
  • Local/distance switch
  • Mute function
  • Digital clock
  • Last position memory
  • Repeat/intro/random
  • 1-Bit D/A converter
  • ESP (anti-skip mechanism)
  • Dual (front and rear) RCA outputs
  • Subwoofer output
  • Wireless remote control
  • Output power: 80w x 4 channels
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