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The Boss GT-8 is a multi-effects guitar pedal built for flexibility in patch creation.

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easy to use despite having a large number of features

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wide variety of patches available, good flexibility

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pedals are constructed to handle a little abuse, built to last

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output is very clean and well defined

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handles input from electric, acoustic and sitar without noticeable weak points

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knobs have a good, solid feel

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stacking effects on top of one another is easy, doesn't cause loss of signal

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The Boss GT-8 is a multi-effects guitar pedal built for flexibility in patch creation. While similar in basic construction to the Boss GT-10, a wider variety of effects can be achieved with this pedal. Up to 13 effects can be chained together in any order desired, and the ability for external patches to be looped in at any point is also enabled. There are 46 COSM amp models, enabling the instant emulation of a variety of amps, and the dual COSM preamp system enables dual effects to be applied simultaneously. A solo switch creates an instant tonal boost for every model included. In addition to a synth wave generator, processors for sitars and acoustic guitars are included.

  • Dual COSM Preamp
  • 46 COSM amp models
  • Solo Switch for instant tone boost
  • 44 effects categories, up to 13 effect blocks simultaneously
  • 200 preset patches, 140 user patches
  • Synth waves
  • Sitar, acoustic processor
  • Effects chaining, Ext Loop capability
  • Stereo analog, 24-bit coax, amp control, external expression/control pedal, MIDI, headphone ports
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