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The Boss GT-10 is a multi-effects pedal.

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available in a bass tuned model for the same price

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easy to use - has lots of dedicated knobs for quick adjustments

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construction - features a well built, durable enclosure

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integrates several advanced features - eg. effects can be assigned to different output channels

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produces clean and professional sounds

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includes 100 preset patches - users can start using the pedal right out of the box

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the USB interface produces high quality audio recordings

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the WAH seems a somewhat on the weak side

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The Boss GT-10 is a multi-effects pedal. It features a number of advanced effects and a natural response, using a 24-bit analog/digital conversion system to keep audio quality free from distortions. An EZ Tone wizard allows for icon-based selection of a variety of effects, and two separate effects can be layered on top of one another. COSM amp models are available to emulate the sound of tube amplifiers. The interface uses a large LCD and LEDs that are bright enough to be used in full sunlight. This pedal is compatible with MIDI devices and has a digital coax output for high definition audio work, as well as a number of standard outputs for speakers and amplifiers.

  • Advanced effects
  • Natural and musical response
  • EZ Tone wizard
  • Parallel effects chain, 2 separate effects paths
  • COSM amp models
  • Phase Loop function, sound-on-sound loops
  • Large LCD and bright LED
  • USB port, MIDI compatible
  • A/D/A Conversion: 24-bit
  • Sampling: 44.1 kHz
  • Program Memory: 200 user, 200 preset
  • Coaxial output, XLR L/R output, phono in/out, 1/4 headphone jack, MIDI connectors IN, OUT
Model Variations
  • Boss GT-10, Guitar tuned - MSRP $499
  • Boss GT-10B, Bass tuned - MSRP $499
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