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The Boss FZ-5 Fuzz is a mid-range guitar distortion pedal aimed at players seeking a more retro sound.

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Suitable for harder/louder genres when taken to higher function levels - appealing to hard rock/metal/nu-metal musicians

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Unit is remarkably well-built/engineered - fully lives up to Boss' reputation of reliable/durable products

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Great mid-range alternative to higher-end fuzz pedals like the Dunlop Fuzz Face and MXR M173

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"Boost" control offers a wide variety of tonal possibilities - great for eclectic musicians

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Simple 3-knob layout is conducive to on-the-fly tonal adjustment - great for switching sounds between songs with minimal complication

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"Octavia" mode generates a massive amount of buzzing, even when nothing is being played - many users will be forced to keep the "Fuzz" know at a low setting

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"Maestro" mode tends to sound "hollow" and over-trebled - abundance of high end minimizes presence and tonal character

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The Boss FZ-5 Fuzz is a mid-range guitar distortion pedal aimed at players seeking a more retro sound. It features COSM technology which allows the FZ-5 to recreate classic analogue fuzz boost control while its level and mode knobs allow for tone manipulation. Additionally, the FZ-5 Fuzz features a sturdy metal construction for greater durability.

The FZ-5's fuzz boost control knob allows users to increase and decrease the FZ-5's intensity for more aggressive tones or more nuanced playing. Its level and mode knobs offer the user even greater control over the FZ-5's tone and pitch, allowing for a more personalized sound depending on preference. Meanwhile, the FZ-5 Fuzz's sturdy metal construction ensures it will be able to stand up to hard stomps and the rigors of touring.

  • Vintage sounds inspired by famous fuzz pedals of the ’60s and ’70s
  • Uses advanced COSM technology to recreate classic fuzz
  • Boost control for more aggressive tone
  • Sturdy metal housing
  • Level and mode knobs offer a more personalized sound
  • Compatible with PSA AC adapters
  • Runs for 10 hours on an alkaline 9 volt battery
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