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The Boss EQ-20 Advanced EQ is an all-purpose graphic equalizer pedal.

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High-end boosting is especially effective - brings out overtones that are lost in standard amplification

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Design is rugged and reliable - build lives up to the legendary Boss reputation

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LED display provides clear visual referencing - helpful when using presets that do not reflect current slider positions

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Simplistic layout is highly conducive to live performance - precision adjustment can be carried out quickly and in low lighting

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Preset feature offers quick EQ adjustment between songs, or even in the middle of a performance

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Excessive EQing may result in tone degradation - can be very bothersome for serious musicians

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Not for beginners - positive results require a working knowledge of audio frequency (lows, mids, highs)

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The Boss EQ-20 Advanced EQ is an all-purpose graphic equalizer pedal. Sound tuning can be handled on 10 bands using individual fader sliders for each one. This allows users to compensate for the environment they find themselves in and for various types of amplifiers, and can be used in conjunction with other effects pedals. A level switch is also built in to account for different setups, offering a 4 decibel boost depending on whether the connection is before the amp or in the effects loop. Up to 9 presets can be created and stored internally for later recall.

  • 10-band graphic digital equalizer
  • For guitarists, bassists and other live performers
  • 9 internal memories
  • +4dB Level switch
  • High quality A/D-D/A converters
  • Single-purpose design
  • Simple user interface
  • Input jack, Output jack
  • Battery or AC power
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