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The Bose Lifestyle 28 falls in the mid-range of Bose's Lifestyle product line.

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remote control - easy to use and compatible with other devices

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unique pivoting speakers - allows for greater sound coverage

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lots of power output - good for just about any home theater

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good customer service from the manufacturer

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expensive - comparable sound systems are available for much less

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DVD only - lacks Blu-ray support

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'Bose Acoustimass' is a marketing ploy - low frequency effects sound good in just about any position by default

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relies on many legacy connections - Composite, S-Video, Coaxial and only 1 Optical input

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included cables can be hard to hide

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The Bose Lifestyle 28 falls in the mid-range of Bose's Lifestyle product line. Optimized for larger rooms, the Lifestyle 28 system includes 4 Direct/Reflecting satellite units, each of which contains 2 speakers on a pivot to customize sound directing and reflecting off walls, if desired. The subwoofer is a Bose Acoustimass unit, which is supposed to be effective regardless of where it is placed in the room.  The system also comes with a progressive scan DVD/CD player unit with a digital AM/FM tuner. The Lifestyle 28 is HDMI compatible but requires additional optional accessories. It is also is BoseLink compatible, meaning other enabled Bose devices can be connected around the home to listen to the system in a different location. It is designed to calibrate itself automatically based on room properties.

  • MSRP: $1999.99
  • Release Date: March 2007
  • 5.1 Surround sound home theatre system
  • 4 compact satellite units with direction-adjustable speakers, 1 compact horizontal center channel speaker, 1 subwoofer
  • Progressive scan DVD/CD player 
  • Videostage 5 decoder, Dolby Digital, DTS decoder
  • Digital AM/FM tuner
  • HDMI compatible with optional accessories
  • BoseLink connectivity with other Bose products
  • ADAPTIQ automatic audio calibration
  • Optimal for large rooms
  • 350-watt peak power output
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