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The Lifestyle 235 is a 2.1-channel home entertainment system from Bose.

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remote setup for working with multiple systems is relatively easy compared to other universal remotes

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fills a medium-sized room with sound effectively

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setup is simple and doesn't take very long

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Adaptiq unit tunes the system to your room easily

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automatic changes in the system when switching sources are always smooth

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provides good on-screen control of the iPod

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speakers simulate rear surround effects well

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The Lifestyle 235 is a 2.1-channel home entertainment system from Bose. Utilizing a modern Matte Black aesthetic, this model includes two Gemstone ES speakers with TrueSpace digital signal processing (DSP) for balanced, high-definition audio playback. With the help of the Unify guided setup assistant, users can connect and synchronize up to six HD audio and video devices at the same time, with 1080p upscaling for all video content. On-screen menus walk users through all configuration options one step at a time for true simplicity, with automatic equalization available based on the characteristics of the room that the unit is placed in. An audio dock is included for porting content directly from an iPod, iPhone or other portable media player, with AM/FM radio tuning also available. All commands are prompted via the included remote control, which is fitted with a small LCD display for visualized information. In addition, the Lifestyle 235 can route audio to up to 14 additional locations via Bose's own Link technology. Content can be sent to multiple devices across a home network including laptops and other entertainment systems, with enough radius to reach outdoors for pool and patio speaker configurations.  

  • Matte Black aesthetic
  • Gemstone ES speakers
  • Controls up to 6 HD audio/video devices simultaneously 
  • Bose Link content distribution technology 
  • Includes iPod/iPhone dock 
  • Customizable sound output 
  • Unify guided setup assistant
  • AM/FM radio tuning 
  • Includes remote with LCD display 
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