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The SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker is a wireless multimedia speaker from the Bose company.

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reasonably well-represented bass range, doesn't lose any of the sound

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battery lasts a long time before it runs out

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small enough to toss into a bag and carry with you

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output is surprisingly loud, will fill a small room

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audio sounds very clear and well defined

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fully battery powered for better portability

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Bluetooth setup quick and easy, pairs right away and maintains a solid connection

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Lacks built in fm

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The SoundLink Wireless Mobile Speaker is a wireless multimedia speaker from the Bose company. Using Bluetooth technology, users can stream music from their laptop, smartphone or tablet device for high-quality audio playback. Available in nylon and leather variations differing in price by $50, this model incorporates a folding cover design to ensure full protection during travel. Bose's proprietary speaker technology comprises dual-opposing passive radiators for powerful sound outputting with exceptional clarity amongst low-range frequencies, while the system offers up to 8 hours of wireless via rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Virtually all commands are handled virtually via the given media player, resulting in a minimalistic speaker design that includes only power and volume controls. Content can be streamed up to 30 feet away from the source, while the inclusion of a 3.5mm auxiliary input jack enables physical connectivity of other non-Bluetooth devices. The SoundLink also features an in-line USB port for external drive support, in addition to computer connectivity for firmware updating. 

  • Available in Dark Grey nylon and Dark Brown leather cover options 
  • Lightweight, compact design 
  • Proprietary speaker technology 
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Integrated protective cover
  • Bluetooth connectivity 
  • Remote-free design 
  • 30-foot wireless range 
  • Auxiliary input 
  • USB port 
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