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Meet the speaker that brings your music and friends together—with a style that’s all your own.

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Meet the speaker that brings your music and friends together—with a style that’s all your own. The SoundLink Bluetooth speaker III is our best-performing mobile Bluetooth speaker. It plays louder and longer than its popular predecessor, with advanced Bose technologies that reproduce the fullness, clarity and depth of your music. And a colorful assortment of optional covers let you personalize your speaker.

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  • Connects wirelessly to your smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth device 
  • Sound performance unlike any other mobile speaker this size
  • Curved edges and thin profile for easy grab-and-go portability
  • Silicone button panel protects from dirt and dust; Rechargeable battery plays up to 14 hours
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Powerful Performance

It’s no secret: your music is the foundation for a good time. And this speaker delivers. Four drivers and two passive radiators provide full-spectrum audio and clarity at any listening level. Plus, you’ll hear incomparable bass performance not found in other mobile speakers. And improvements in digital signal processing let you share your music louder than the previous version of our Bluetooth speaker.

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Additional Features

  • Aux input enables audio connections from other sources, increasing versatility of system
  • USB port allows for software update to ensure ongoing Bluetooth device compatibility
  • Compact power adapter folds flat to fit easily in a bag, ideal for extended trips
  • Optional 12V car charger for charging your speaker while on the road
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Pair and Play

This compact speaker pairs easily with your smartphone, iPad or other Bluetooth device. It has a range of about 30 feet, so you can enjoy the sound you want without wires. Simply press and hold the Bluetooth button on the speaker's top panel, and then choose the SoundLink speaker III from your device. The speaker remembers the most recent six devices you've used, so reconnecting is even simpler.

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Form and Function

Sure, the sound draws a crowd. But this speaker also has a sleek look you’ll appreciate. Curved edges and a thin profile make a bold statement, especially when you add a touch of color with an optional cover. The speaker easily slips right into a bag or backpack. The silicone button panel protects it from dirt and dust, while a wraparound metal grille adds to its durability and resists fingerprints.

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What’s in the Box

  • SoundLink Bluetooth speaker III
  • Wall charger
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Speakerphone?

    No. A phone call interrupts your audio source and plays through your phone only. When the call ends, your music automatically resumes through the SoundLink® speaker III.

  • How is battery life at close to max volume?

    At 50% volume the sound link 3 is as loud if not louder than the mini at max volume. So it will give you around 14 hours at the equivalent mini volume. If you go all the way to max volume, it's probably closer to 8-9 hours. But keep in mind that it will be much louder than the mini.

  • Soundlink mini and Soundlink 3, which one is better?

    Both are really great speakers. The mini is easy to carry and sounds great but the soundlink three is the best of the best and it sounds a lot better then the mini.

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