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The Bose 201 speakers are Direct/Reflecting desktop speakers.

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all audio plays without distortion, even at higher volumes

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perfect for small to medium spaces, fill them with sound without effort

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bass range plays true to the sounds that were recorded, instruments and voices come through well without "booming"

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speakers sit horizontally, taking up more room than other speakers

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no post-style connectors, just the hole-and-lever type

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can't create loud, chest-shaking bass

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not quite enough power for larger spaces

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The Bose 201 speakers are Direct/Reflecting desktop speakers. The design is trim with the 201 being the smallest in the series. Yet they manage to deliver 120 watts per channel. As part of a surround sound system, Bose intended the 201's to serve as background speakers in a home theater system or as stand alone home stero speakers.  A general consensus among some reviewers is that while you get some bang for your buck, the cost to benefit ratio might not justify the price.

  • Each 201 speaker includes a long excursion 6-1/2 woofer and a highly sensitive 2 Stereo Targeting tweeter
  • Proprietary Stereo Everywhere technology combines direct and reflected sound to deluge the room with beautiful sound
  • Unique port geometry for clean bass
  • Compact size and horizontal for flexible placement options
  • Finish: Black or Light Cherry
  • Speaker type: Bookshelf
  • Optional accessories: FS-01 bookshelf speaker floor stands, WB-3 bookshelf speaker wall bracket
  • Dimensions: Each speaker¬† 8"H x 13.75"W x 8.63"D ( 20 cm x 35 cm x 22 cm )
  • Weight 11 lbs (5 kg)
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