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It is engineered to make all your music sound better, delivering deep, clear audio for all your favorites.

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Not work for Android

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SoundTrue headphones are designed with you in mind. They’re engineered to make all your music sound better, delivering deep, clear audio for all your favorites. They’re so lightweight and comfortable, you might forget you’re wearing them. But they’re heavy-duty, too, built to survive your busy life. They’re available in an array of fresh new designs. So choose your color … and show your style.

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  • Full, natural sound for all your music
  • Softly padded headband and memory foam cushions
  • Inline microphone and remotefor easy switching between calls and music
  • Also available in an on-ear style
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Powerful Sound, Lightweight Design

SoundTrue headphones feature an advanced acoustic design for clear, natural audio across the full spectrum—from vocalists who hit the high note, right down to a good bass line groove. Go ahead, lose yourself in music. A softly padded headband and memory foam ear cushions stay comfortable no matter how long your playlist is.

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Convenience and Durability

More than a statement in style, SoundTrue headphones are designed to provide lasting quality. The audio cable attaches to a single earcup for greater freedom of movement and less tangling. It also detaches for convenient storage. The earcups conveniently fold flat and the headband is collapsible. And the included carrying case makes for easy transport while displaying your design choice.

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In Tune and In Touch

SoundTrue headphones are designed specifically for use with your iPhone and other Apple products. The integrated inline remote, located on the back of the microphone, lets you control music functions—adjust volume, play/pause tracks, skip tracks forward/backward, fast forward/rewind and change playlists. You can also switch between calls and music with one-touch ease—all without reaching for your device. See which features are compatible with today’s most popular phones.

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What's in the Box

  • SoundTrue around-ear headphones
  • Inline remote and microphone cable (66”)
  • Carrying case
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Color Options

  • Black
  • Mint
  • White
  • Black/Mint
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the remote work with Android?

    With android you just can stop and restart the music but wont be able to change the volume

  • Are they hearing aids compatible ?

    Hmmmm, they go around the ears. I believe it might work.

  • Difference between these and the QC15's? Besides that these aren't noise canceling?

    I don't have QC15, but a Friend have this, and he tellme the QC15 are special for traveling for cancel the noise of plane and others things.

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