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It is that the AP has a "half load" option whereas the AF has an Eco Wash and Top Rack Only Option.

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good energy efficiency, won't significantly impact your energy bills

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quiet enough that you can have a conversation in the kitchen while it runs

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thoroughly cleans dishes, rarely have to worry about anything left over on them

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racks are well designed to make it easy to load

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clean and sleek look that will work in almost any kitchen setup

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can do smaller loads when you want, good when you only have a few dishes that you don't want to let dry

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cycle lasts longer than average, can be over 2 hours

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dishes often come out still wet at the end of the cycle

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The Bosch Ascenta Evolution SHE6AP05UC is a mid- to high-level EnergyStar compliant dishwasher which is the same price and has very similar specs and functions to the Bosch Ascenta Evolution SHE6AF05UC. Both machines have the energy-efficient EcoSense technology that comes standard with all dishwashers in the Ascenta Evolution line as well as a multi-function LED timer; both run even more quietly than the others in the Ascenta Evolution line at 50 dBA versus the standard 53 dBA for lower-priced models in Bosch's Evolution line. The only difference between the AP and the AF is that the AP has a "half load" option whereas the AF has an Eco Wash and Top Rack Only Option.

The Bosch Ascenta Evolution SHE6AP05UC runs virtually silent due to two pumps working together, practically eliminating all noise. In addition, the Ascenta Evolution SHE6AP05UC utilizes EcoSense technology to reduce its power consumption by up to 20%. The Bosch Ascenta Evolution SHE6AP05UC's "half load" function, allows for a partial load of dishes to be washed without utilizing the same amount of energy or water as a whole load cycle. Additionally, this model's multi-function LED timer displays the time remaining during a wash cycle, eliminating guesswork.

  • 300 kwh/yr - Energy StarĀ®
  • Virtually silent: 50 dBA
  • Stainless steel finish
  • EcoSenseā„¢ reduces energy usage by up to 20%
  • NSF Certified - eliminates 99.9% of bacteria
  • Bosch Exclusive 24/7 overflow leak protection
  • Half Load option for small loads
  • Multi-Function LED with Remaining Time
  • 300 Series Racks with Flexible Silverware Basket and 2 Cup Shelves
Model Variations
  • Bosch Ascenta Evolution SHE6AP02UC - White version of the SHE6AP05UC ($699)
  • Bosch Ascenta Evolution SHE6AP06UC - Black version of the SHE6AP05UC ($699)
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