The SHE6AF05UC also comes with 300 series racks with flexible silverware basket and 2 cup shelves and an LED countdown timer.

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The Bosch Ascenta Evolution SHE6AF05UC is an EnergyStar approved mid- to high-level dishwasher meant to be the next level model of the Bosch Ascenta Evolution SHE4AP05UC due to its improved functionality, such as its quieter running volume. The SHE6AF05UC also comes with 300 series racks with flexible silverware basket and 2 cup shelves and an LED countdown timer. The Ascenta Evolution SHE6AF05UC also comes with the energy-conserving features that come standard with the Ascenta Evolution line; namely, EcoSense technology and 30 minutes or less Quick Wash cycles.

Priced $100 more than the SHE4AP05UC, the SHE6AF05UC is very similar but has, as would be expected, a few more features of which to boast including 2 extra wash cycles, including the "EcoWash" cycle and a "Top Rack Only" option which replace the SHE4AP05UC's "half load" feature. The SHE6AF05UC also has more room because of its improved 300 series racks plus an LED timer that displays the remaining time in a cycle. The SHE6AF05UC also runs 3 decibels quieter than the SHE4AP05UC. Of course, Bosch's EcoSense technology which allows the SHE6AF05UC to use 20% less energy is present in the SHE6AF05UC as well.

  • 300 kwh/yr - Energy StarĀ®
  • Virtually silent: 50 dBA
  • EcoSenseā„¢ reduces energy usage by up to 20%
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Bosch Exclusive 24/7 overflow leak protection
  • ChildLock prevents unwanted cycle changes
  • NSF Certified - eliminates 99.9% of bacteria
  • 300 Series Racks with Flexible Silverware Basket and 2 Cup Shelves
  • Multi-Function LED with Remaining Time
Model Variations
  • Bosch Ascenta Evolution SHE6AF02UC - White version of the SHE6AF05UC ($699)
  • Bosch Ascenta Evolution SHE6AF06UC - Black version of the SHE6AF05UC ($699)
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