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The Bosch WFVC8440UC is a high-end front-loading washer with many similarities to the Bosch WFVC6450UC.

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almost completely silent while in operation

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can do a pre-soak for you if needed

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thoroughly cleans clothes every time

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uses very little power throughout the wash cycle

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can sanitize clothes, killing germs with high heat

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stain removal option is effective at taking out a variety of stains in one cycle

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has some Eco options for water use, can be effective on low water consumption

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wide range of wash cycles available, more than anyone will ever need

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only comes in white, no other options available

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The Bosch WFVC8440UC is a high-end front-loading washer with many similarities to the Bosch WFVC6450UC. The WFVC8440UC shares many features with the WFVC6450UC, including a 1200rpm top rotational dry speed and energy-saving EcoSmart Technology. However, the WFVC8440UC boasts the superior AquaStop leak protection technology, which prevents leaks entirely, while the WFVC6450UC only has AquaShield technology, which needs to sense a leak before shutting off the unit.

The WFVC8440UC's 1200 rpm max spin ensures a more efficient and effective dry cycle while its EcoSmart Technology utilizes a network of sensors that adjust water and energy consumption automatically according to load size and consistency, ensuring no unnecessary heat or water is used. Additionally, the WFVC8440UC's AquaStop leak protection prevents possible leaks from occurring due to a double-walled hose and shut off valve which contain leaks and stop the washer from using anymore water, respectively.


  • EcoSmart Technology ensures more efficient operation
  • ActiveWater turns 13 gal. into 400 gal. of washing power
  • Exceeds ENERGY STAR 2011 Guidelines: Uses only 130 kWh/yr
  • 15 wash cycles, 6 options
  • AquaStop leak protection system prevents major water damage
  • AVS (Anit-Vibration System) ensures a virtually silent operation (52 dBA)
  • ActiveClean engineering for better cleaning performance
  • 1200 rpm max spin for drier clothes and efficient drying
  • Drum Sanitize heats water up to 175F to clean the drum
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