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The Bosch WFVC6450UC is a high-end front-loading washer very similar to the Bosch WFVC5440UC.

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thoroughly cleans clothes, even heavily soiled items

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runs extremely quietly, will not hear it anywhere else in the house

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can handle a large load without sacrificing cleaning performance

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doesn't draw too much power while in operation, good energy efficiency

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spin cycle is very fast, effectively removes water from the clothes

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designed to use very little soap for each load

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tends to leave a little residual soap on the fabric

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need to leave the door ajar when not in use or it starts to smell musty

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need to wipe out the gasket after every cycle to remove excess water

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The Bosch WFVC6450UC is a high-end front-loading washer very similar to the Bosch WFVC5440UC. Both the WFVC6450UC and WFVC5440UC sport many of the same features, like 15 wash cycles with 6 options for a greater wash flexibility and an Anti-Vibration System. However, the WFVC6450UC features a couple of things that set it apart from the WFVC5440UC such as AquaShield leak protection (the WFVC5440UC has a slightly different leak protection system called AquaStop) and a faster dry speed at 1200 rpm.

The WFVC6450UC's 15 wash cycles with 6 options make it a more flexible washing machine in terms of load types as nearly every conceivable type of clothing or linen, from comforters to infant clothing, has its own appropriate setting. Its Anti-Vibration System utilizes an advanced suspension system to run virtually silently at 52dBA while its AquaShield leak protection system utilizes a sensor on the bottom of the WFVC6450UC which detects leaks and shuts off the machine at the first sign of one. Additionally, the WFVC6450UC's 1200 rpm max spin speed ensures a fast and efficient dry cycle.


  • EcoSmart Technology ensures more efficient operation
  • ActiveWater turns 13 gal. into 400 gal. of washing power
  • Exceeds ENERGY STAR 2011 Guidelines: Uses only 130 kWh/yr
  • 15 wash cycles, 6 options
  • AquaShield leak sensor prevents major water damage
  • AVS (Anit-Vibration System) ensures a virtually silent operation (52 dBA)
  • ActiveClean engineering for better cleaning performance
  • 1200 rpm max spin for drier clothes and efficient drying
  • Drum Sanitize heats water up to 175F to clean the drum
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