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The Bosch WFVC544AUC is a mid-cost front load washer.

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quiet enough that you generally don't notice it from the next room

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steel drum dries quickly and doesn't scratch up

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countdown timer on the display is easy to see from across the room, great for a quick glance at how long things are going to take

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very shallow depth, great for installing in a smaller space

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door opens all the way and stays out of the way while loading/unloading

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reliable operation for years at a time with no issues

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efficient both in water consumption and power usage

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need to wipe off the inner seal at the end of the cycle to avoid mold

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The Bosch WFVC544AUC is a mid-cost front load washer. Though they have the same 4.4 cubic foot capacity, this washer differs from the higher cost WFVC8440UC model in that the WFVC8440UC has a 1200RPM maximum spin as opposed to 1150RPM. There are fifteen specialized cycles on this washer. These cycles include XxtraSanitary, which heats the wash water up to 170F. There are also two Quick cycles. Quick Full can clean even a large load in forty-five minutes. The Quick Light cycle is a twenty minute cycle geared toward smaller loads. The Bosch WFVC544AUC is also equipped with an Allergy Rinse option, which removes any trace of detergent from clothes.

  • EcoSmart Technology
  • EcoAction Option
  • ActiveWater
  • 15 Wash cycles
  • 1150 rpm max spin
  • Stain Removal Option
  • XxtraSanitary
  • Comforter Cycle
  • Quick Full
  • Quick Light
  • Allergy Rinse option
  • BabyCare cycle
  • Delicate cycle
  • Drain/Spin cycle
  • Soak Option
  • Wool/Handwash cycle
  • Anti-Vibration System
  • AquaStop leak sensor prevents major water damage
  • NSF Certified kills 99.9% of most common household bacteria
  • 2 year limited warranty
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