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The Bosch WFVC4400UC is a mid-range front-loading washer very similar to the Bosch WFVC3300UC.

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intuitive controls, easy to use with just a quick moment to start it working on the desired cycle

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allergy cycle effectively rinses detergent out of the clothes for sensitive skin

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spins clothes nearly completely dry

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runs very quietly, can have a normal conversation next to it and it can't be heard from outside the room

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does a very thorough job cleaning clothes, good work with stains

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pulling out tangled clothes tends to spill other contents on the floor by accident

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door isn't very big, makes loading/unloading a little awkward

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The Bosch WFVC4400UC is a mid-range front-loading washer very similar to the Bosch WFVC3300UC. The WFVC4400UC offers a couple of improvements over the WFVC3300UC, notably its 10 year warranty on the motor and Drum Sanitize function. Otherwise, the WFVC4400UC and the WFVC3300UC share the same specifications and features, such as: EcoSmart Technology and AVS (Anti-Vibration System).

The WFVC4400UC's Drum Sanitize function heats water up to 175F in order to effectively clean the drum quickly and easily. Its EcoSmart Technology utilizes a variety of intelligent sensors that monitor water and heat levels, automatically adjusting according to load size and composition and ensuring that no energy or water are wasted. Additionally, the WFVC4400UC's AVS feature ensures a virtually silent operating volume of 52 dBA.



  • EcoSmart Technology ensures more efficient operation
  • EcoAction option can reduce energy consumption by up to 20%
  • Exceeds ENERGY STAR 2011 Guidelines: Uses only 130 kWh/yr
  • 11 wash cycles
  • AVS (Anit-Vibration System) ensures a virtually silent operation (52 dBA)
  • ActiveClean engineering for better cleaning performance
  • 1100 rpm max spin for drier clothes and efficient drying
  • Drum Sanitize heats water up to 175F to clean the drum
  • 10 year warranty on the motor
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