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The Bosch WFVC3300UC is a mid-range front-loading washer aimed at the environmentally conscious.

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after spin cycle is completed, clothes are gently tossed so that they are not pressed and packed against the sides - avoids wrinkles

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slightly larger capacity than most front-loading washers

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uses a manual dial design, as opposed to computer interface - familiar and fewer breakable parts

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uses just 1 Tblsp of detergent per load, clothes come out very clean

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runs very quietly, often can't hear it from the next room

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uses much less water than most front-loaders

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fewer wash cycle options than other models in the same series

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need to ensure detergent used is labelled "For HE", or you could damage the unit over time

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The Bosch WFVC3300UC is a mid-range front-loading washer aimed at the environmentally conscious. Its EcoSmart Technology and EcoAction option help to make the WFVC3300UC more energy efficient than the competition while its 11 wash cycles ensure a high degree of cleaning customization. Additionally, the WFVC3300UC's AVS (Anti-Vibration System) ensures an extremely quiet operating volume.

The WFVC3300UC's EcoSmart Technology utilizes an intelligent network of sensors that detect and adjust water and heat levels automatically based on the load, ensuring no water or energy is wasted. Its EcoAction option, when used, further reduces energy consumption (by up to 20%) by adjusting cycle temperature and length. Its 11 wash cycles ensure that every load is handled appropriately by the WFVC3300UC, ensuring that your clothes last longer and are cleaned more efficiently. Meanwhile, the WFVC3300UC's AVS feature ensures a virtually silent 52 dBA operating volume.

  • EcoSmart Technology ensures more efficient operation
  • EcoAction option can reduce energy consumption by up to 20%
  • Exceeds ENERGY STAR 2011 Guidelines: Uses only 130 kWh/yr
  • 11 wash cycles
  • AVS (Anit-Vibration System) ensures a virtually silent operation (52 dBA)
  • ActiveClean engineering for better cleaning performance
  • 1100 rpm max spin for drier clothes and efficient drying
Post Review
04/02/2013 05:57

i need the door for it. it accedently broke

08/12/2010 11:18

The thing is built like a tank. At once, you notice how well it's made compared to the modern day GE's, Maytags, Frigidaires and Whirlpools, etc. All of those trusted names have sold out and most are being built in Mexico or China, using inferior parts. It's a shame that the brands that we've trusted for the last 75 years have lost their reputation for excellence in one decade. Whirlpool now owns Maytag. dogs and cats are sleeping together- the whole industry has lost it's core value - to satisfy the consumer with a decent, well made product.
BOSCH is now made in the USA.
My Bosch runs so quietly, you can barely hear it. I have to check on it once in a while to make sure I haven't forgotten a load! It cleans my clothes so well- I had an old t-shirt that I had been using for a dustrag- I washed it in my Bosch, and it came out perfectly clean.
It has a sanitizing mode that would be perfect for people with children and whoever else should need it- allergy sufferers, etc.
It is gentle, too. I have washed my hand washables in it, and they came out perfect.
Best surprise EVER- I washed my king down comforter in it!
I could go on and on, but to those that are on the fence about it, buy this machine.

p.s. I am glad there is a ProductWiki out now. It took me a ton of research before I got the real lowdown on a product. Mostly people only write about things when they don't like something as a way to vent. Consumer's Reports didn't even have any Bosch products listed when I was buying this machine.

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