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The Bosch CS5 is a left handed 7-1/4" circular saw offered by Bosch Tools.

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easy operation, fairly maneuverable, does what you intent it do to

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blade guard works smoothly, doesn't bind

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powerful cutting action moves through lumber and plywood quickly

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includes a carry bag to protect the saw and keep other equipment from snagging on it

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fairly light weight, easy to lug around

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cutting depth and angle are easily set

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a bit louder than most other saws of this type

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The Bosch CS5 is a left handed 7-1/4" circular saw offered by Bosch Tools.  It is powered by a 15 amp motor powerfull enough to cut through 3/4" plywood and other dense materials. A left blade cut design gives a clear line of site for easy and accurate cutting.  An improved spindle lock allows for a quick and easy blade change, with an on-tool wrench storage for even quicker changes.  There is a 56° bevel capacity, with an aluminum upper guard and anti-snag lower guard that will not hang up during bevel cuts. The Bosch CS5 comes with a 24 tooth carbide blade and a blade wrench.

  • 15 Amps Power provides power to cut through 3/4" Plywood and other dense materials
  • Left Blade Design gives users the clearest line of sight for easy, accurate cutting
  • Improved Spindle Lock allow for quick and easy blade change
  • Aluminum Upper and Lower Guard
  • On-Tool Wrench Storage
  • 56° Bevel Capacity
  • Clear viewing area of cut line
  • Anti-Snag Lower Guard will not hang up when making bevel cuts
  • 24 Tooth Carbide Blade -- CB724AB
  • Blade Wrench
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Steve Mackie
08/08/2009 02:45

Bought this saw and have used in a dozen times. I love the view of the cut with this saw, good price with a strong motor. Using stock blade with decent results.

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