The Bosch CS10 is a 7-1/4" circular saw offered by Bosch Tools.

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The Bosch CS10 is a 7-1/4" circular saw offered by Bosch Tools.  It is powered by a 15 amp motor with a heavy duty 22 amp switch and comes with a 10' long cord.  A high-strength and lightweight magnesium footplate provides unmatched durability and flatness, with a matching magnesium upper guard and anti-snag lower guard for safety. A powerful blower clears dust from the front of the blade giving a clear line of site of the cut being made. There are adjustable bevel and depth lever with high contrast scales for years of accurate and consistent locking. The on-tool wrench storage make blade changes quick and easy, while the textured soft grip provides a comfortable cut. The Bosch CS10 comes with a 24 tooth carbide blade and carrying bag.

  • 15 Amp motor
  • High-strength composite footplate — For unmatched durability and flatness
  • 56° Bevel
  • Powerful blower to clear dust in line of cut
  • High strength and lightweight magnesium upper guard
  • Anti-snag lower guard
  • Adjustable bevel and depth levers — For years of consistent locking
  • High contrast bevel and depth scales — For greater accuracy
  • On-tool wrench storage — Fast and easy blade changes
  • Removable end cap — Easy, servicable brushes
  • Textured soft grip
  • Heavy duty 22 amp switch
  • 10' long cord
  • Spindle Lock
  • 24 Tooth Carbide Blade -- CB724AB
  • Carrying Bag -- 2 610 914 300
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