The G2B is a bi-angular home gym from Body-Solid that offers a step-down from the company's G6B model.

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The G2B is a bi-angular home gym from Body-Solid that offers a step-down from the company's G6B model. Featuring "Bi-Angular" Press Arm System technology, this model utilizes a converging axis that can provide faster and more efficient workouts with decreased adjustment times between exercises. The "Multi-Hip" station allows users to target their thigh, hip and gluteal areas by sliding the rests to a pre-configured height, with high-density "DuraFirm" pads included that provide full lumbar support for longer sessions. The leg developed area of the G2B features the "SmoothGlide" bearing system, and is equipped with bio-mechanically accurate pivot points that reduce risk of injury for labor-intensive exercises. A 160-pound weight stack is included with increments starting at 2 pounds, with additional 50-pound stacks available for added challenge. When larger amounts of weight are in use, flip-up seated foot braces can be enabled for added stability and increased safety. For reaching exercises that engage the cabled section of the machine, 4.5-inch nylon pulleys are included that feature a fiberglass-reinforced shell with machine-grade ball bearings that contribute to smooth operation and long lasting quality. The G2B also includes revolving lat and straight bars, separate straps for ankles, abs and triceps, the "Total Body Workout" instructional DVD, and a full-size exercise chart. Additional upgrades are available for experienced users who are looking to target a specific area, including an inner and outer thigh attachment, a cable column attachment, and a leg press attachment. 

  • G-in-one design
  • 12-gauge steel construction
  • Bi-Angular adjustment system
  • Multi-Hip station
  • DuraFirm padding
  • SmoothGlide bearing system
  • Single 160lb weight rack
  • No-cable design
  • Upholstered leg rollers
  • Bio-mechanically accurate pivot points
Upgrade Options
  • G2B aluminum pulleys
  • 50lb weight stack add-ons
  • G Series leg press attachment
  • G Series inner and outer thigh attachment
  • G Series cable column attachment
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