The G10B is a bi-angular home gym from Body-Solid that offers a step-up from the company's G6B model.

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The G10B is a bi-angular home gym from Body-Solid that offers a step-up from the company's G6B model. Equipped with two separately-assignable 210-pound weight stacks, this model provides an all-in-one total workout experiences that can target all major muscle groups for total body fitness. "Bi-Angular" press-arm technology helps to guide users safely through exercise motions, working in conjunction with the multi-directional resistance system to increase muscle interaction and provide a more thorough workout. A "Perfect Pec" pectoral station is included with multiple adjustments available for user freedom across a variety of upper-body muscle groups, utilizing both unilateral and bilateral movements. Seated leg exercises like curls and general extensions are aided with the help of an automatically-adjusting "CAM" system that allows the user to focus on a given exercise while the unit self-adjusts to his or her movement tendencies. Pulleys are included at low, medium and high heights for lat, crunch and curl maneuvers, with over 50 different exercises available in total. The G10B also features "DuraFirm" padding with a lumbar-supporting backrest in addition to upholstered leg and arm rests as well as a telescoping adjustable seat. Revolving lat and straight bars are included with purchase, as well as an ab/tricep and utility strap and a full-sized exercise chart. Additional upgrades are available for experienced users that include 50-pound weight stacks, aluminum pulleys, inner and outer thigh attachments, leg press attachments and cable column attachments. 

  • All-in-one design
  • Steel framing
  • Bi-Angular adjustment technology
  • Perfect Pec station
  • Seated leg curl/leg extension station
  • Low, Mid and High pulleys 
  • Lumbar support
  • DuraFirm padding
  • Two 210lb weight stacks
  • Over 50 exercise possibilities
Upgrade Options
  • G10B Aluminum pulleys
  • 50lb weight stack add-ons
  • G Series Inner and outer thigh attachment
  • G Series Leg press attachment
  • G Series Cable column attachment 
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