It is a personal trainer-style fitness unit from Body-Solid that offers a step-up from the company's Fusion 500 model.

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The Fusion 600 is a personal trainer-style fitness unit from Body-Solid that offers a step-up from the company's Fusion 500 model. Utilizing a single weight stack-design, this model features a modular design comprised of oversized oval-shaped steel for extreme sturdiness with a minimal footprint for functional home use. Featuring a bi-angular press-arm system that intends to maximize muscle interaction for a more direct and thorough workout experience, users can choose one of four adjustable settings that cover a large selection of upper body exercises. Multi-position ergonomic handles are included that support both traditional and neutral hand grips, providing users with comfort options and prioritize proper form and safety. Leg extension exercises are aided via upholstered pivoting rollers that enable a full range of motion that follows the user's movements while working all four quadricep muscles, with a dedicated leg curl system for hamstring targeting. Synchronized training arms provide versatile support of mid to high muscle groups that include abdominal and other core areas to lat and other side-accessed exercises, offering all-in-one support that reduces cluttering of machine components. The 600's seat is fully adjustable via a vertical telescoping system, with a multi-position backrest that is capable of sufficiently supporting users of all shapes and sizes. Two pre-cabled accessory attachment points are included for quick integration of specialized muscle group add-ons, including a multi-hip station, a vertical knee raise and dip station, a leg press attachment, a weight-assisted dip and pull-up system, and a standalone pull-up bar attachment. A lifetime manufacturer warranty is included, as well as a 20-exercise placard with step-by-step instructions to guide newer users through a list of common workout routines. 

  • All-in-one design
  • Bi-Angular technology
  • 4-position press arm
  • Ergonomic multi-position handles
  • Leg curl station
  • Synchronized articulating functional training arms
  • Gas-assisted telescoping seat
  • 2 pre-cabled accessory attachments
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Includes workout card with 20 step-by-step exercises
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