It offers a step-down from the company's Fusion 600 model and a step-up from the Fusion 400 model.

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The Fusion 500 is a personal trainer-style fitness unit from Body-Solid that offers a step-down from the company's Fusion 600 model and a step-up from the Fusion 400 model. Comprising an oversized oval steel construction, this model maintains a relatively small footprint while providing a host of exercises geared towards all major muscle groups. Upper-body exercises can be carried out via the 4-position press arm, with multi-position ergonomic handles that support both traditional and neutral hand positions. For the lower body, a leg extension system is provided with padded pivoting rollers that follow the body's natural range of motion, providing a fully-functional extension without risk of injury. The seat of the 500 is fitted with a telescoping adjustment system with a gas-assisted design for quick maneuverability, coupled with a multi-position backrest with a moveable pad system for optimal comfort regardless of user height and weight. The unit's functional training arms follow a synchronized range that suits exercises ranging from abdominal and other core positions to high-position side-accessed movements, offering an all-in-one piece that minimizes the need for additional hardware and stays out of the way for standalone workouts. A variety of accessories are available to supplement the all-around exercises available with the stock 500 model that allow intensive operation of singular muscle groups, including a multi-hip station, a vertical knee raise and dip station, a leg press attachment, and a pull-up bar attachment. A lifetime warranty is included with purchase, as well as an embossed placard that features 20 step-by-step exercise instructions for first-time users. 

  • All-in-one design
  • 4-position press arm
  • Ergonomic multi-position handles
  • Leg extensions with pivoting rollers
  • Synchronized articulating functional training arms
  • Gas-assisted telescoping seat
  • Pre-cabled accessory attachment points
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Included workout card with 20 step-by-step exercises 
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