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The Bistro is continuously adjustable - twisting the upper bean container determines how finely ground the beans will be.

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Ask any coffee connoisseur and they'll tell you that in order for coffee beans to develop their full flavor profile, they must be ground right before coming in contact with hot water. This is where the bistro electric burr coffee grinder comes in and becomes part of the coffee making ritual. The Bistro is continuously adjustable - twisting the upper bean container determines how finely ground the beans will be. With over 14 settings from coarse to fine, you can deliver the ideal grind for any brewing method. But there's more to it than that. Most coffee grinders use plastic containers to receive the ground coffee but plastic and ground coffee don't go together well. The powder gets statically charged and spills all over the place. The new Bistro comes with a borosilicate glass container to catch the grounds. The glass catcher is inherently static-free, reducing the amount of overall static and "jumping" coffee grounds. This and the tight silicone/nylon lid make for an excellent, no-spill coffee grinder. The borosilicate glass container comes with a silicone band to make it slip-proof, an especially important feature when touched with wet hands. The Bistro is made from borosilicate glass, steel, plastic, rubber and silicone and comes in black, orange, red, green, and white.

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  • Continuously adjustable with over 14 grind settings from coarse to fine
  • Borosilicate glass catcher reduces static that causes jumping coffee grounds
  • Proven as the best way to grind coffee, the burr grinder is adjustable to deliver the proper grind for your favorite brewing method
  • Timed grinding feature and quick grind button let you set the exactly the amount of time you need to grind the proper amount of coffee
  • Available in black, orange, red, green, and white. Two year warranty on any defective electric unit with proof of purchase
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Leftover grounds in machine? Anyone else worried about this?

    I know this is an older question but I'll offer my 2 cents in case other buyers have this same concern. I too was wondering about the 'leftover' grounds stuck in the machine. So, every 2 weeks or so, I grind up 1 Tbls. of dry, uncooked rice on the coarsest setting. This works wonders at clearing out any old grounds as well as any oils that may be left behind, thus eliminating the possibility of rancidity. Then, when you next want to grind coffee beans again, just throw in 1 teaspoon of beans and run them through to clear out any white dust left from the rice cleaning. Dump it out and proceed as usual. Also, be vigilant about cleaning the grinder once a week or more by removing the upper burr and brushing everything out thoroughly, including turning the machine upside down over the sink and tapping it a few times to dump old grounds stuck inside. And don't forget to brush out the chute as well. I never store any beans in the hopper. They will get stale in a matter of hours doing that. The 4 mortal enemies of coffee are: Light, Heat, Moisture & Air. Keep them in an airtight container until you want to brew some coffee. Then you'll have a fresh brew every time.

  • Any advice on the best setting for a typical espresso? Is it the finest scale?

    I don't set it on the finest setting but pretty close to that. For espresso, you want the grind to be fine enough that as the water goes through it extracts the most flavor but not so fine that it becomes mud and the water doesn't go through well. If you have an espresso machine at home, you will want to play with the grind a little. The grounds should be well packed and not have excess moisture in them when the extraction is complete. If there is moisture left in the grounds, you will need to adjust.

  • If I break the glass receiver can I replace it?

    I'm sure Bodum would be happy to sell you one. A small glass canning jar should fit in its place and work just fine too, though.

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