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An award-winning carrier designed to adapt. Packed with features like multiple adjustments.

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This Boba Baby Carrier 3G is an award-winning carrier designed to adapt. Packed with features like multiple adjustments, front and back carry options, pockets for on-the-the go storage, infant conversion with extra head support, and removable sleeping hood and foot straps. It is 100% cotton. 

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  • 100% cotton
  • Use as a front carrier from 7-25 pounds and front or back carrier from 25-45 pounds
  • Pockets in all the right places, and a convenient purse strap holder
  • Removable sleeping hood and foot straps included
  • Multiple adjustments for a perfect fit and easier breastfeeding
  • Soft, machine washable
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Color Options

  • 3G Dusk
  • Glacier
  • Soho
  • 3G Tweet
  • Kangaroo
  • Lila
  • Montenegro
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is it about the boba that makes it more comfortable than the ergo?

    The Boba sits higher on the waist than the Ergo. Of the two, I prefer the Performance Ergo. It's more durable and better for hot weather. The Boba is canvas and doesn't hold up too well after a washing. Hope that helps.

  • Can you do a high back carry on the Boba like on the Tula?

    I'm not familiar with the Tula but the boba sits mid back. Not really high

  • Boba or Beco, which is better? Trying to decide and they both look similar. Thanks!

    I bought both the Beco and the Boba. I personally preferred the Beco Gemini so I kept it and I returned the Boba. The Beco Gemini was softer material, more comfortable and I loved that I could crisscross the straps in the back. I didn't like that the Boba straps go right underneath the armpit area, it wasn't comfortable for me and the straps cannot crisscross in the back.

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